i’m not changing my password. if my blog gets taken it gets taken and i can finally be free of this hell

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  • me: *buys books*
  • me: *doesn't read books bought*
  • me: *buys 5217498574 more books*

"My father is a highly respected private security consultant and federal licensed firearms dealer. That means he was to own a few weapons"

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Macro: Stetsons are…cool?

wait… did 1 really say this?

This level of continuity is ridiculous

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Here's the show I like

  • Me: So Mary dies
  • Me: Then Jess dies
  • Me: Then John dies
  • Me: Then Ash dies
  • Me: Then Sam dies
  • Me: Then Dean sells his soul
  • Me: Then Dean dies a lot but not really
  • Me: Then Henriksen dies
  • Me: Then Bela dies
  • Me: Then Dean dies again
  • Me: Then Dean comes back
  • Me: Then Pamela dies
  • Me: Then Adam dies
  • Me: Then Castiel dies and that kinda kills Jimmy
  • Me: Then Ruby dies
  • Me: Then Castiel comes back (debateable Jimmy)
  • Me: Then Jo and Ellen die
  • Me: Then Sam dies but gets brought back
  • Me: Then Anna dies
  • Me: Then Dean and Sam die but get brought back
  • Me: Then Gabriel dies
  • Me: Then Adam comes back
  • Me: Then Adam gets possessed
  • Me: Then Sam gets possessed
  • Me: Then Nick dies
  • Me: Then Castiel dies
  • Me: Then Bobby dies
  • Me: Then Lucifer dies - killing Sam
  • Me: Then Michael Dies - killing Adam
  • Me: Then Castiel and Bobby come back
  • Me: Then Sam comes back
  • Me: Then Misha dies
  • Me: Then Kripke dies
  • Me: Then Balthazar dies
  • Me: Then Castiel dies
  • Me: Then Bobby dies
  • Me: Then Castiel comes back
  • Me: Then Dean and Castiel go to Purgatory but don't worry they get out
  • Me: It's really good I promise

Clintasha Banter in Avengers Assemble : Part 1/?

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i’m not gonna lie. i’m more than a little disturbed. not only by the number of missing parents, but the fact that it’s stiles’s father, your father, and your mother.

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Trude, 18 from Northern Norway.

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